The REAL reason I am on trial tomorrow - RETALIATION

on 2018NOV20, Eric brandt was surrounded by about a dozen officers as he entered the Lindsay-Flanigan Courtnouse to testify in the Amanda Chilton trial. Brandt was arrested on a warrant alleging TRESPASS at the Corner Bakery on 2018NOV04. This prosecution is to retaliate for CPL CHAVEZ losing his cool, attacking Eric Brandt, and then telling James Freeman's livestream "I HATE ERIC BRANDT! GET THAT! I HATE ERIC BRANDT!" Chavez was disciplined for violating policiy on acceptable behavior and re-assigned to District 2. GUZMAN and his crew have never let the grudge go and directly drove this vindictive prosecution. The City Attorney's office was directly involved in this utterly fabricated trespass case. Come to the trial 2019NOV12 Courtroom 3F and watch the city's COMPLETELY FABRICATED case unravel. They lied. And by "THEY" I mean Denver City Attorney's Office, Denver Police, Corner Bakery, Denver Pavilions, The Business Improvement District, and The Downtown Denver Business Partnership. (And yes, all their names are in the documents which I intend to enter into evidence tomorrow.) I warned them to dismiss this case many times. THEY MADE THEIR BED!
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