"Смертность из-за паники уже перекрывает смертность от коронавируса!"

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Dr. Ludmila talking strongly about the impact of mass media frightening people with Coronavirus.
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Основатель холистической медицины, кандидат медицинских наук, гомеопат Людмила Васильева рассказала на крупнейшем канале Украины, почему хронический страх вируса не менее опасен для людей, чем сам вирус.
“It’s not enough to frighten people with mortality from the infection of Coronavirus but they also must be taught on how to take care of their health”. This was commented on Channel 4 by Ludmila Vasilieva, Ph.D. in medicine, homeopath, head of the holistic clinic in Dubai.
“There is a lot of information now in many countries that mortality rates due to panic already beat mortality rates from coronavirus. The media has done a good job keeping us updated with statistics, but it is as essential for them to give more support on promoting health! The peak of the pandemic has been reached. Now the panic needs to decrease! In the 21st century, you need to teach people to sneeze in the other direction, stay at home and not subject other people to exposure if you have a problem!” Dr. Ludmila Vasilieva believes that in the face of the powerful influence of the media, “scaring people makes sense, but it makes more sense to inform them about other aspects of the situation.” She emphasized that mortality does not come from coronavirus, but from related diseases: “After all, those who were sick with the virus have died were the people who had chronic diseases: diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, panic and fear.” The doctor said that the disease will remain after this epidemic. “Today one coronavirus has come, another will come in winter, the next year - the third. Vaccination may help, but it's already late. And even if it helps, then this same virus is likely to return, ”said Dr. Ludmila Vasilieva. The doctor also confirmed the importance of testing, but added that even today's testing is not able to prevent or stop the infection. At the same time, the testing format itself will change depending on the viruses at a certain point in time. “This is not about the virus or testing. The matter is in your immunity and in the level of your health. How to deal with this? Warn people? Test all people? I’m sure that it’s better to support health and strengthen immunity, ”she said.
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