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A weekend with the iPhone 8! | Pocketnow

A weekend with the iPhone 8! | Pocketnow
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This is the iPhone 8. The smallest version of Apple's current flagship, and probably the phone you'll see in most hands if you're in the US and certain other markets. A lot of people call it the iPhone 7s, for obvious reasons; but my first weekend with it has proven it to be more.

After a year using the iPhone 7 Plus as one of my primary phones, I decided to switch back. My After The Buzz video explains how I just didn't feel I was getting my money's worth. I never used the 2X zoom, and the battery life wasn't all that great. I've been using the iPhone 8 since Friday, and boy is it great to use a phone you can actually handle.

Watch our video to learn more.

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A weekend with the iPhone 8! | Pocketnow