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RCNTEC RPCM Short Circuit Protection

RCNTEC RPCM Short Circuit Protection
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Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM) - The Smartest PDU on the Planet that combines at least four devices:
1. ATS
2. Circuit breakers
3. PDU
4. Power meters

The main features are:

• Short Circuit Protection on each of 10 Outlets;
• Remote Power Management of Individual Outlets (10 outlets);
• ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch - 2 inlets (models 16A and 32A)
• Proper Grounding Diagnostics;
• Fire protection via Configurable Electrical Current Consumption Limits for Each Outlet;
• Smart Start - Customizable Activation Sequence and Delay of Outlets to Initiate Service Correctly and Eliminate Inrush Currents;
• Power Meters on Each Individual Outlet;
• Easy integration with any applications and systems via REST API.
• Automated BITMAIN miner power restart if Hashrate goes below specified level (RPCM ME model);
• Power budget control and sustain to protect inlets overloads
• TCP port and ICMP availability monitoring, current consumption monitoring and automated restart for unavailable or hanged equipment

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